Slingshot is a progressive arts studio that supports the creative practice and professional visibility of artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in Santa Barbara County.

Nature Dream Windows, 2022 Time-Lapse Reel

April 25th 2022
Maria Arroyo's Nature Dream Windows is a harmonious scene of plants, people, and animals stewarded by the watchful eye of the warrior-bird master (left) -- revered by all for his benevolence and care.
Maria's proposal was selected from an open call to artists across the tri-counties. The project was endowed by the Community Environmental Coalition (CEC), the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB), and Paseo Nuevo.
In two weeks of tireless effort, Maria's vision was brought to life by members of the Slingshot Team, Maria and a number of Slingshot artists, and an extended community of helpers. Throughout which, the team at the MCASB provided ongoing facilitation and support.
We are immensely grateful to all of the members of the selection committee for their belief in Maria's talents and the platform that was given to Maria to leave her indelible mark on downtown Santa Barbara for years to come.
Find the mural on the top deck of the Paseo Nuevo parking structure, behind the museum. Visit for more details on the project.

Announcing a new show !

Gif adapted from Pop!, 2021 by Dylan Long

Decmber 2nd 2021
P o P ! highlights the work of Slingshot artists inspired and influenced by popular culture. Vibrant, humorous, nostalgic and revealing -- this body of work is animated with novel expression that complicates simple expectations of familiar iconography.
As with the pop art movement, this collection of work challenges the distinction between high and low art forms by utilizing graphic-comic-cartoon subjects and style to produce striking images and effects.
Featuring a series of colored prints by Ben Watts; drawings by Erica Miller and Marc Sucher; paintings by Issac Palato and Tom Neumeyer; and scratch paper drawings by Dylan Long.
Check out our Instagram feed for featured artists and other content related to the show.
Slingshot is moving >>> in 2022

Brian Douglas Wheatley | Cuba, 2015

(Adapted animation)

October 2021
After all the planning, design reviews, waiting and more waiting for permits, the end appears to be in in sight. Construction is underway on our new studio at 1911 De La Vina and save for any further surprises (fingers crossed), we expect to welcome you into our new space early Spring of 2022.
Throughout the months of lock-down and reduced operational capacity, we took the opportunity to clean house, reassess and reorganize our spectacular inventory of work in preparation for this next chapter.
It was a real gratification to revisit the breadth and caliber of art that has been produced by Slingshot artists in this lovely sunlit studio in the past 8 years and we simply couldn't leave without installing a final show in our Canon Perdido gallery.
Mark your calendars for Thursday December 2nd and stay tuned for details ...