Vibrant, humorous, nostalgic, and revealing -- this body of work highlights Slingshot artists inspired and influenced by popular culture. 
Pop art challenged divisions between high and low by appropriating the style and production methods of 'pulp art' media like comics, cartoons, and advertising to expand our notions of painting and contemporary art. The work of these artists shares a similar graphic style and identifiable 'pulp' subjects that complicate our simple expectations of what is familiar. Giving icons and tropes another look; renewed personality and new opportunities for meaning.

Dylan Long |

'POP!' (reproduced wall graphic)

Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins, 2021

On the Road, 2020; On the Road Again, 2021

Trailor Art, 2021; Mobile Suburbia, 2021

Lump, Bull, and Pigeon, 2019; On the Alley, 2021

Ben Watts |

Black & White Futurama in Beatles Version Art, 2017

Futurama in Color of Parallel World Universe (and French Flag), 2017

All New Futurama, 2017

 Ben Watts | Wave Wonder & Fire Ray, 2019; Speed Racer & Mach 5, 2020 

Megan Isaac | Alien Peace Ship Zombies & Vampire, 2018

Issac Palato | Pastel on Paper (top and middle left)

Erica Miller | Drawing (bottom left)

Marc Sucher | Drawing (top right)

Leonard Wilson | Ceramic (bottom right)

Issac Palato | Acrylic on Paper (left), Foam Prints (right)

Marc Pasquini | Glazed Ceramic (bottom center)

Brian Douglas Wheatley | The Sun Makes Things Grow, 2020 (left)

Erica Miller | Owley, 2020 (bottom right)

Ana Villegas | Shayna, 2021 (right)